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We carry an extensive range of Royal Canin dog and cat food. Nutritional advice is available through our qualified staff

We have our own loyalty scheme, buy six big bags of dog or cat food and we will give you your seventh FREE

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Royal Canin have put a lot of effort into researching the needs of our beloved pets.

In the dog food, as well as the size nutrition range which is formulated for the size of your dog, they also have speciality feeds for certain breeds that have specific nutritional requirements.

In the cat food, with obesity becoming more and more prevalent, Royal Canin do a wide range of foods so they are sure to have the right one to suit your feline friend.

To see the full Royal Canin range please try the link below which will take you to their website. We are able to supply 95% of the products on their site

(certain veterinary lines can only be sourced from the vets)

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One Response to Royal Canin

  1. Jean Thompson says:

    i would like to know why select breed dry food for shih tzu only available in 1.5kg pkt.
    when other small breeds can buy 3kg pkts.

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